Conclave Logo Design Contest

Section NE-2A


The Section NE-2A Conclave will be on August 15-17, 2014. 300 Arrowmen will be gathering at Camp Nooteeming in Salt Point, NY for fun, adventure, and achievement. This event is currently in need of a logo. The Section Leadership Team wants your help with this project. Send us your logo ideas! The winner will receive a discount coupon for the 2014 conclave trading post and special recognition. Please see the guidelines below:

Design must include the following:

– Either the fleur-de-lis or the letters “BSA”

– The wording “Section NE-2A”

– The wording “Saving Arrowman Ryan”

– The wording “Conclave 2014”


•Logo should reflect the theme of Saving Arrowman Ryan.

• All designs must be sent to

• All designs must be submitted by March 16th.


Description of 2014 Conclave Theme:

It is a period of war and struggle for the lodges of NE-2A. Arrowman Ryan is currently Missing In Action. He is a critical part to the war because he is the only person who knows the secret weapon to end the war. Arrowman Ryan was last seen at Camp Nooteeming in Salt Point, NY.  The different Lodge Chief Generals have begun recruiting members of their team to attack Camp Nooteeming and Save Arrowman Ryan before the any of the other lodges do.