The purpose of the tour is to commemorate the Order of the Arrow’s 100th anniversary. During the event, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the Order of the Arrow, its story, and its future. Some of the program highlights include interactive exhibits, activities such as silk-screening and branding, and challenge games. Participants will have a chance to meet some of the Order’s national leaders, and alumni can learn about the Scouting Alumni Association and local alumni efforts to supporting Scouting in our area.

Two stops will be coming to our Section! The Tschitani Lodge stop will be held in conjunction with our Conclave on June 20th. Ownaeco Lodge will host a stop at Camp Sequassen on June 29th.

You can find more information about the ArrowTour routes and program on the web at You can also keep up with the tour as it makes its way around the country by following @ArrowTour on Twitter.

AIS Registration is Now Open

Registration for Section NE-2A’s Inaugural American Indian Seminar is now open! The 2015 American Indian Seminar also known as AIS, will be the first cultural based event that Section NE-2A has ever hosted! AIS is designed to help lodges with their Dance Teams, Ceremonies, and Inductions. There will be multiple training sessions with hands on activities, round table discussions, evaluations, competitions. Two major things that are trying to be organized is a Pow-Wow and a performance of the new Brotherhood ceremony. To help spread the word about this amazing event to the members of your Lodge, The Section has created a promotional flyer that you can use at your events and in any communications to your lodge members. You can download the flyer here! To get more information on AIS, and to Register please visit the AIS event page!

Conclave 2015 Design Contest

Do you have skills in drawing or graphic design? The section is in need of a conclave logo and you could be the one who creates it! The logo needs to encompass our Conclave theme: “From the Island to the Summit, the Legacy lives on” All submissions are due prior to March 1. The winner will be able to attend conclave for free! If you have any questions or would like to submit your design, please email conclavedesign@ne2a web project

NE-2A Project LEAP – January 25, 2015

Project LEAP, or Lodge Excellence Assistance Program, is an event going on January 25, 2015 which has the primary purpose of fellowship with fellow Arrowman within the section and to provide training to instill new ways to help better your lodge. This event is suggested to any Arrowman who serves in a leadership position, wants to help better their lodge’s program, or just want to learn more about our Order. With the varying in knowledge and engagement, all of the training cells have been broken up in to different sets, known as tracks. Each track will cover material that is relevant to those who are suggested to be in that track. All of the training cells will be staffed by the best trainers within the section, as well as several out of section guests, all of whom are knowledgeable in the field they will be training in. To learn more about the event and to register, go to