Section Officers

Andrew Work - Section Chief


Tschitani Lodge, Connecticut Rivers Council

Andrew is an eagle scout, and a vigil honor member of Tschitani lodge. He has served 3 years as a lodge officer, including lodge vice chief and lodge chief. He has attended numerous national events during his time as a scout, the most recent being NOCA 2015 and NEXT. He attended and staffed the NYLT program, along with attending NLS training. Andrew spends his summers working at summer camp working at the program area where he is needed the most but his passion is shooting sports.

When Andrew is not working on scout related activities he is  in one of two places. At school,  New England Institute of Technology, studying mechanical engineering, or helping a high school robotics team in Waterbury Connecticut. He teaches the high school students the principles of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. He says that the best part about working  with the students and the scouts at summer camp, is that he gets to watch them develop their skills and grow as individuals as well as teaching them practical uses for the what they are learning in the schools.

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Brian Shea– Section Vice Chief


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Christopher Cheslog  – Section Secretary


Owaneco Lodge, Connecticut Yankee Council

Christopher is an Eagle Scout and Brotherhood Member of Owaneco Lodge, Connecticut Yankee Council. In the past, he has served as Lodge Events Chairman and Lodge Vice-Chief of Program. He currently Serves as the Lodge's Training Chairman and the Lodge's 20th Anniversary Chairman as well as Section Secretary.

Outside of Scouting Chris is a Senior in High School when he gets to college he wants to major in Chemistry and Forensics. In his down time, he serves as a lifeguard and enjoys reading and swimming.    

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