"Bridging the Divide"
The Section Officers decided it was time to develop a new event to meet the current and future needs of our Section. We believe that Ignite will provide the greatest opportunity for Arrowmen of NE-2A to come together, collaborate, discuss, and propose new initiatives to bridge our individual lodge divisions in election, induction, and activation rates, as well as the impending divides that may surface with the expansion of eligibility for the Order of the Arrow in February. 
We believe this event can provide a strong basis of unity between Arrowmen from across the section as well as between lodges. However, in order for this to be successful, we need as many Arrowmen present as possible. We encourage all Arrowmen, new, young, old, those in formal leadership roles, and those who aren't, to register.
Ignite will be an over night event, with a formal Council of Chiefs meeting and fellowship activities on Friday night and the main program on Saturday. 
Registration can be found here: https://bit.ly/2N0aax1
Ignite will occur on January 25-26 at Camp Workcoeman, in New Hartford, CT.
You can also preregister for Conclave through our Golden Ticket program and receive a limited edition patch!
Share this flyer with the members of your Lodge and encourage them to attend Igntite!