Project LEAP

2017 Project LEAP will focus on providing ideas and skills needed to develop the Lodge TODAY. The future is now. This is the second century of service. Project LEAP will not be an ordinary training event. Together, Lodges will unite over common ideas, sharing, creating and innovating. This will be a day of fellowship, fun, and learning, including interactive training cells, lodge activities and brainstorming. During Project LEAP, a new Order of the Arrow program called LINK will be showcased. The purpose of the new Link program is to strengthen local OA programs across the country and improve the Order of the Arrow’s membership position nationally. This will be achieved through the national, regional, section, and lodge level of the organization working together to create, share, and implement training material and best practices informed by annual JTE data and sourced from top-performing lodges.

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Who Can Come?

Lodge officers, committee chairmen, chapter leadership, advisers and any Arrowmen that are interested in getting more involved should make it a point to be there!

When: January 8, 2017, 9am – 4:30pm

Where: Connecticut Fire Academy, 34 Perimeter Road, Suffield, CT 06078

Cost: $15 if registered on or before 1/1/17, $20 after 1/1/17


Breakout Session #1

Lodge Event Participation

This session is a part of the brand new LINK program. In this session, Arrowmen will learn different tactics that can be implemented in order to boost participation at lodge events. It is based upon JTE data and best practices used in lodges from across the country.

Leadership Basics & Opportunities
Arrowmen will learn some basic leadership skills, including tools for leading a team and principles of servant leadership. Participants will be able to apply these tools into their responsibilities in their troops, lodges, and everyday life. This session will also showcase opportunities in which these skills can be used to get more involved in the Order of the Arrow.

Coffee Chat (Advisers Only)
Join Section Chief Jon Hagenow and Section Adviser Bob Walz for a discussion of program and how the section can aid your lodge, while sipping on a nice hot cup ‘o joe.

Effective Planning for Events

During this session, Arrowmen can learn how to properly plan for events such as inductions and fellowships. They will learn how to create a backdater and create a relevant timeline to prepare for an event.


Breakout Session #2

Unit Elections Rate

This session is a part of the brand new LINK program. This session will provide guidance in improving unit elections in order to make them more successful.

Social Media & Lodge Promotion
This session will showcase tips and tricks to building an effective social media and promotion system, as well as provide guidance into building promotional campaigns for events and publications.

Connecting with Youth
In the 21st century, youth have access to incredible technologies and have developed differently than past generations. This cell will help create a stronger bridge of communication between adults and the youth they advise in the lodge.

Parliamentary Procedure

Proper meetings with set procedures create an effective, professional, and orderly meeting and voting process. This session will provide knowledge on standard meeting procedures and give guidance to adapting them to your lodge’s LEC meetings.


Breakout Session #3

Youth Membership Retention

This session is a part of the brand new LINK program. Based on JTE data, the Order of the Arrow has a hard time retaining youth. This session will showcase best practices from across the nation in order to guide lodges into improving their youth retention rate.

Creating Effective Committees

Arrowmen attending this session will walk away with a greater understanding of how committees can be utilized within their lodge. This session will provide guidance on how to build a committee and recruit team members, as well as how to aid the new committees to ensure they are productive.

Recruiting Absent Troops

This session will aid lodges in developing stronger connections with troops with little to no involvement in the OA. Participants will learn and discuss proven tactics and brainstorm new ways to reach these Scouts in hopes of welcoming more brothers into the Order of the Arrow.

Making Your Trading Post Productive

A lodge’s trading post is essential to raising money for the lodge and fueling the lucrative patch trading frenzy. This session will provide guidance to organizing, branding, and expanding your lodge’s trading post in order to provide new items and raise more money for your lodge.