History of Section E20

The First Incarnation of NE-2A, 2008 – 2011

Section NE-2A traces its roots to July 1, 2008, following an Area realignment in the Northeast Region. The newly organized Area 2 contained eight Councils in Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, as well as the Transatlantic Council. The Lodges of these eight councils made up the new Section NE-2A:

The Old NE-1A:
Ajapeu Lodge – Green Mountain Council

The Old NE-1B:
Pocumtuc Lodge – Western Massachusetts Council
Tschitani Lodge – Connecticut Rivers Council

The Old NE-2B:
Black Eagle Lodge – Transatlantic Council

The Old NE-2C:
Achewon Netopalis Lodge – Greenwich Council
Owaneco Lodge – Connecticut Yankee Council
Paugassett Lodge – Housatonic Council

The Old NE-3B:
Kittan Lodge – Twin Rivers Council

At the time of the realignment in 2008, Section NE-2A was led by Section Vice Chief Chris McCloskey (Owaneco) and Section Co-Secretaries Graham Edmondson (Ajapeu) and Denis Pelletier (Pocumtuc). Area Director Ed McLaughlin appointed Pat Boyd (Tschitani) to serve as the first Section Adviser, Dan O’Rourke (Pocumtuc) and Fred Gobeille (Ajapeu) as Associate Section Advisers, and Mike Pannone (Tschitani) as Section Staff Adviser.

In June of 2009, the Section hosted a successful first Conclave at J.N. Webster Scout Reservation hosted by Tschitani Lodge, with over 300 Arrowmen in attendance. At the Conclave, Acting Section Chief Chris McCloskey was elected Section Chief, Jacob Lavalley (Tschitani) was elected Section Vice Chief, and Denis Pelletier was reelected Section Secretary. In addition, Pat Boyd, Dan O’Rourke, and Mike Pannone were reappointed to their adviser positions.

In January of 2010, the Section hosted its first ever Quality Lodge Summit in Lenox, MA. The QLS served as a fellowship and training opportunity to help better prepare our Lodges to acheive Quality Lodge. Tom Pankosky (Achewon Netopalis) joined the leadership team as Associate Section Adviser. June of 2010 brought the Section’s second Conclave at Camp Sequassen, serviced by Owaneco Lodge. 2010 National Chief Brad Lichota was in attendance as a special guest. Loren Murphy (Ajapeu) was elected Section Chief, Peter Sauriol (Pocumtuc) was elected Section Vice Chief, and David Cass (Kittan) was elected Secretary. In addition, Pat Boyd, Dan O’Rourke, Tom Pankosky, and Mike Pannone were reappointed to their Adviser positions.

In 2011, the Section hosted its second successful Quality Lodge Summit in January. In June, over 250 Arrowmen gathered at Chesterfield Scout Reservation in Chesterfield, MA for the annual Section Conclave, hosted by Pocumtuc Lodge and the Western Massachusetts Council. 2011 Central Region Chief Collin Huerter was in attendance as a special guest. On Sunday morning of the Conclave, Tom Donlon (Tschitani Lodge) was elected Section Chief, Dan Gallup (Owaneco Lodge) was elected Section Vice Chief, and Neil Harris (Owaneco Lodge) was elected Section Secretary.

The New NE-2A, 2011 – Present

In August of 2011, the Northeast Region undertook its second Area realignment in the past decade in order to better serve its councils and Scouts. As a result, we said goodbye to our Brothers from Achewon Netopalis, Ajapeu, Black Eagle, and Kittan Lodges, who relocated to other sections. In addition, we welcomed Half Moon Lodge of the Rip Van Winkle Council and Nacha Nimat Lodge of the Hudson Valley Council to NE-2A.

As a result of the realignment, Section NE-2A’s 2011-2012 officers were: Section Chief Tom Donlon; Co-Section Vice Chiefs Connor Morabito (Half Moon) and Dan Gallup; and Section Co-Secretaries Neil Harris and Chris Zillig (Nacha Nimat). Bill Chin (Owaneco) was appointed the new Section Adviser, with Dan O’Rourke and Sherri Raco (Nacha Nimat) continuing their roles as Associate Advisers. Elsie Hemmings (Owaneco) was appointed Section Staff Adviser.

In January of 2012, NE-2A organized its third annual Quality Lodge Summit in New Paltz, New York, with representatives from each lodge coming together to help improve their lodge programs. June saw Paugassett Lodge function as service lodge for the annual Section Conclave held at Edmund Strang Scout Reservation in Goshen, CT. On Sunday of the Conclave, Tom Donlon was reelected Section Chief, Mitchell Heisler (Pocumtuc Lodge) was elected Vice Chief, and Neil Harris was reelected Secretary. Area Director Dave Borchard reappointed Bill Chin, Dan O’Rourke, Sherri Raco, and Elsie Hemmings to their respective adviser positions.

At the 2012 National Order of the Arrow Conference, two members of Section NE-2A were recognized with the Distinguished Service Award – Bill Chin and Michael Card, both of Owaneco Lodge.

Former National Officers from NE-2A

The Section is the proud home of several Arrowmen who have served the OA as National Officers:

National Chiefs:
Stephen D. Mimnaugh (1984) – Tschitani Lodge

Northeast Region Chiefs:
Sean A. Oldroyd (1992) – Owaneco Lodge
Patrick S. Boyd (2001) – Tschitani Lodge
Daniel J. O’Rourke (2005) – Pocumtuc Lodge
Jonathan T. Hagenow (2017) – Tschitani Lodge

Recipients of the Distinguished Service Award

NE-2A is home to a number of Arrowmen who have been recognized with the Distinguished Service Award for contributions to the OA at the section, region, and national levels:

Year NameHometown
1948John C. NorskSpringfield, MA
1952Norman C. WoodSpringfield, MA
1961Richard R. McGeeNew Britain, CT
1967Harris M. TannerHolyoke, MA
1969Vincent J. Dunn, Jr.Stamford, CT
1969Frederick J. PetersNew Britain, CT
1973Douglas FlueryHolyoke, MA
1981Richard E. GingrasAgawam, MA
1986Steve MimnaughSimsbury, CT
1990C. Randy PilandNorthhampton, MA
1994Sean OldroydBlack Rock, CT
1996Patrick SullivanTrumbull, CT
2002Patrick BoydMoosup, CT
2004David MoskalNew Britain, CT
2006Jeffrey R. GodleyStonington, CT
2006Gilbert R. Rogers, IIIMiddletown, CT
2006Daniel J. O’RourkeWilbraham, MA
2012William B. ChinTrumbull, CT
2012Michael R. CardBridgeport, CT
2018Jonathan T. HagenowSuffield, CT